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Scandals, Secrets and Murder The 1890s, Washington, D.C

A time of Robber Barons and Reformers, Suffragettes and Swindlers. Wall Street millionaires made fortunes overnight only to lose them the next day. They all came to Washington. Some to plead their causes, others to bribe the politicians who held power. America was changing and re-inventing itself in time for a new century, and Washington was the center of it all.

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Dying to Sell Dying to Sell
A Real Estate Mystery

Kate agrees to sell the home of old friends who're locked in the bitter wrangling of divorce and manages to keep the peace long enough to get signatures on contacts. She congratulates herself on what will be an easy sale in this upscale Colorado college town. However, Kate's celebration turns to horror when she walks into the lawyer-client's study to find him brutally murdered—stabbed in the throat.

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Abilene Gambler Abilene Gambler

From different worlds, they collided like a dust storm in the rugged Kansas cow town. Jack took a chance on the feisty beauty with the reddish-brown curls, and she surprised him with her ability and her courage. Samantha was upset that he had been a Northern soldier, but her anger melted when she looked into his slate-gray eyes. And, as they surrendered to the passion that swirled around them, they found the courage to take the sweetest gamble of the all in Abilene, Kansas.

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