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       Dyeing Up Loose Ends

Kelly Flynn—29, tall, slender, chin-length dark brown hair, athletic, loves playing sports but her demanding and stressful job as a corporate CPA keeps her working long hours in the office. No time for sunshine or softball until—she returns to her childhood home in Northern Colorado for the funeral of her beloved aunt. Kelly's heartbroken. Aunt Helen was the closest thing to a mother Kelly ever knew. Fortunately, the knitters at the nearby yarn shop are eager to befriend Kelly and help her discover the truth behind her aunt's tragic death.

Mimi Shafer— late fifties, inspired knitter and teacher, warm and nurturing owner of House of Lambspun knitting shop, mother hen to Kelly and her friends.

Lisa Gerard—31, tall, blonde, physical therapist, outdoor enthusiast, no-nonsense knitter who first instructs Kelly in knitting, also pitcher of local coed softball team who tempts Kelly to join as first baseman.

Jennifer Stroud—30, auburn hair, Salsa-dancing party-girl, knitting whiz whose needles move at warp-speed, possessed of a quick wit and even quicker tongue, a confirmed non-athlete who refuses to "stand in the sun and sweat."

Megan Schmidt—29, fair and raven-haired, gifted knitter and designer, self-proclaimed computer geek who escaped the IT rat race and started her own consulting business, rabid softball player, and by her own admission "terminally shy."

Steve Townsend—31, up-and-coming architect and builder who befriends Kelly's pet Rottweiler when he gets into trouble chasing golf balls, enjoys teasing Kelly because she scowls at him, and is a star athlete who regularly knocks it out of the park much to Kelly's annoyance. He also reminds her of her old boyfriend, The Slime.

Burt Parker—62, retired police detective, whose daughter begged him to take up knitting for relaxation and hopefully keep a heart attack away. Burt, however, took to the wheel like a natural and is an expert spinner.

Lizzie and Hilda von Steuben—late 70's, spinster sisters, retired school teachers, and knitters par excellence. Hilda is the stern taskmaster while Lizzie is generally up to mischief.

Carl—Kelly's pet Rottweiler is modeled after my own Rottie, Carl. I must admit, however, that fictional Carl is way-better behaved than real-life Carl, with or without golf balls. They both share certain similarities, however. They look and sound fierce while protecting their territory, but they're big, sweet, goofy guys at heart.


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