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Bloody Politics Bloody Politics
3rd in the series

November 2014

Junior congressional staffer, Natasha Jorgenson is found murdered just before she was set to meet Molly and hand over important research on an international banking bill.

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Poisoned Politics Poisoned Politics
2nd in the series

August 2013

When Beltway doyenne Samantha Calhoun's latest fling, married U.S. Representative Quentin Wilson, is found dead in her home, Samantha turns to longtime friend Molly Malone for support.

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Deadly Politics Deadly Politics
1st in the series

August 2012

The brutal murder of her Congressional staffer niece brings Molly Malone up close with Washington's darker side. There are other schemers out there who may not have won elections, but are more powerful than the politicians they ensnare.

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